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SPHERE Goggle, WHITE *Lowlight Only*

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SPHERE Goggle, WHITE Lowlight Only

The SPHERE goggles are a spherical style (go figure) harboring a powerful magnetic lens technology for the quick lens changes on those variable days. The armoured venting system and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane frame make for a robust combo. The triple-layered multi-density face foam with a micro-fiber backing for keeping that clammy feeling at bay. 

IHI lens options shown below with the relevant VLT%. To find out more about VLT check out our Visual Light Transmission (VLT) Page and see the info diagram below.



  • Thermoplastic polyurethane frame construction, (TPU) is a lightweight, durable & extremely flexible frame for an optimal fit.
  • Magnetic Lens Technology, with powerful magnet points for strong lens hold.
  • Spherical lens makes for better peripheral vision with less glare.
  • Anti-scratch treatment applied to the lens protects the goggles from damage.
  • 100% UV protection to protect from harmful high-altitude UV rays.
  • Full perimeter armoured venting to maximise airflow.
  • Multi-density face foam with moisture-wicking micro-fleece.
  • Fully adjustable, removable strap with non slip silicone texture.
  • Helmet compatible frame design. Small - Medium fit for both men and woman and children.


  • Black projective bag
  • Blue mirror tint, yellow low light lens with a VLT of 40%.
  • Perfect for the changing conditions and night riding.