Visual Light Transmission (VLT)

IHI Goggle Lens Color & Tint

There is nothing worse (and more dangerous) than having cloudy vision on a powder day or being blinded when it’s sunny and bluebird. There are dozens of IHI goggle lens colors we could choose from that vary, and although one color might match your jacket better, each color will filter light differently and offers unique advantages in certain weather and light conditions.

IHI Goggles and Visual Light Transmission (VLT)

The amount of light a IHI goggle lens allows to pass through is called Visible Light Transmission (VLT). VLT is expressed as the percentage of light allowed through the lens falling somewhere between 0% and 100%.

Some lenses are designed to perform much better in low light, low visibility situations, such as when it is snowing, foggy, or the light is flat. These lenses will allow a higher percentage of VLT. Typical colors for low light lenses are yellow, rose, and blue. The best ski & snowboard goggles for flat light have a VLT ranging from 40-90%.

Other IHI lenses will function better on sunny days with high visibility where it is more about keeping the light out. These lenses will have a lower VLT percentage and typically come in dark colors of black, grey, and gold, and are often mirrored. The best IHI goggle lenses for bright sunny days have VLT ranges from 5-20%.

Of course, there are lenses in the middle of the spectrum that perform well in all conditions and are great if you experience changing light conditions during the day. Here at IHI we aim to offer the best options for VLT through all our models. The below diagram shows the VLT for our range of goggles. These will also be shown in the product description for our goggles.



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